Easter Re:Visited (Holy Saturday) Pt 3

“Some women were there, watching from a distance, including Mary Magdalene, Mary (the mother of James and Joseph), and Salome.”

Mark 15: 40

Easter Re-visited: Part 3

The Easter story has a sorrowful beginning, and an incredibly victorious ending. But it also has a middle part too…

The middle part of most stories are often treated as the filler, the padding, or just the glue that joins the start to the end. They’re usually the most insignificant and forgettable moments.

I mean, when does anyone ever say that the second part in a film trilogy or book series is their favourite one? Almost never.

And yet a lot of new ground is actually covered in the middle part of the Easter story, as the hustle and bustle and busyness of the day’s events die down, the crowds dissipate, and a cold, eery silence settles over Golgotha…

The middle part of the easter story is about the heartbreaking sadness felt by those who were grieving the loss of a beloved son, brother, leader, mentor, and friend.

It’s the part about the dressing and moving of a body, and the dispatching of Roman guards to keep careful watch over a stone tomb where it was placed for security.

It’s the part about the scattering and hiding of many followers, for fear of being arrested and subjected to similar treatment as their Lord had been.

It’s the part about the shame of one particular disciple who denied his Lord three times before a cockerel crows, just as it had been foretold.

And it’s also the part where each of the key protagonists tries to make sense of unfolding events in their own private space, amidst the shock, confusion and disbelief and waiting and still hoping against all the odds, during that middle Saturday.

And as I pause to really consider what the middle part of the Easter story might teach me, I realise it’s this:

The middle part of the Easter story is our hope that when the story feels like it’s drawing to a close, often we’re actually right on the cusp of a new beginning…

‘The best is still yet to come’

Its the reminder that we just don’t see the whole story that’s unfolding in front of us yet; and that we need to trust the One who does.

So if you’re living in a middle Saturday season right now, have courage and hang on in there… resurrection Sunday is coming!


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