Space for your soul

Finding time to connect with God when you’re a busy mum can be really difficult, can’t it? 

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, can’t it?

I’m a full-time marketing professional, a part writer and blogger, a mum, and wife to my husband Andy who runs his own business too.

So I get it, I’ve been there too – the juggle is real, especially in those early years, when little people are taking up almost all your head space and energy.

The truth is I spent a lot of first year or two of my son’s life feeling overwhelmed and overstretched. All of these things were blessings, but they were also a lot!

So I wanted to share a few things that I’ve learned about finding consistency in creating this space for my soul.

Below are three simple tips that I want to share with you that quickly became a lifeline for me, as I hope they will be for you too:

1. Find your best time

I am definitely more of a morning person. But not a ‘get up at the crack of dawn’ type though…  For me the best time is the morning, but only after I’ve had my shower and a coffee and my son is ready & out of the door for the day, and there finally are a few moments of calm peace in my day before I start work.

2. Find your best space

Again, everyone is different, and you might have to experiment with a few different things before you find your sweet spot. But I have discovered that one of the very best places for me to connect with God is in my car during my 30 minute commute to work through slow traffic every day. Previously it always just felt like frustrating, dead time, but now it has been transformed into me and God time, and is one of my very favourite moments of the day. 

3. Find your best connector tools

This doesn’t have to be just one tool, of course. I love to journal and write, but I simply can’t do that in the car. So I tend to use music as a springboard for prayer and worship on my way to work, and I often just listen to good Christian podcast material too.

Consistency is key

But really the where and the how don’t matter all that much, as long as you find a gap in the day that works for you.

The most  important thing is to be consistent; once you’ve found your best fit, just keep going with it. Form the habit until the habit is forms you, and you begin to really miss it on the days when it doesn’t happen.

Need a bit more help?

If you can relate to this, why not download my FREE seven day spiritual ‘detox’ e-book which you can use as a springboard for more ideas?

It’s an easy to read, seven day guide to help you de-tox from over busyness, hustle and distraction – and offers some simple spiritual practices to help you create better margins of space for your soul to connect with God. 

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