Making decisions in the middle

Have you ever felt a bit stuck in a rut, and impatient to find some forwards momentum? I suspect we all feel this way at times…

When you’re in the middle space

Right now kind of feels like an ‘in the middle’ space for us, where everything feels a bit stuck in a rut, whilst we’re still hoping and waiting and trying to conceive … but nothing is guaranteed.

And I think this ‘middle space’ this is particularly uncomfortable if you’re a real ‘doer’ type like me; it can be pretty testing when everything is up in the air to just hold those questions and tensions and the not knowing in hand for a while, and not try to force a way forwards to a faster resolution.

In the middle part, that desire for some fresh forward-thrust and direction can easily cause us to clutch at straws, make poor decisions, and choose change just for changes sake.

And so the question that I’m asking myself a lot in the middle right now, is this:

Will you wait for God’s direction or try to charge on ahead in your own effort?

An example from my own life …

A few weeks ago I saw two jobs that I almost applied for, because on paper at least, that seemed like the right thing to do. Both of them were small promotions, yet neither of them especially excited me, and the idea just didn’t bring me any peace.

But it was only upon later reflection that I realised that true wisdom was in biding my time; in waiting until I know what in happening in one area of my life, before moving the pieces around in another one too.

Making good decision

The truth is that ‘in the middle space’ it can be really easy to start listening to the wrong advice or to make knee-jerk decisions based on frustration, rather than waiting for God’s direction.

But movement isn’t always better than standing still for a time; it’s only useful if it’s movement in the right direction.

And when all of the signs point to God saying, just trust me and wait for my plans to unfold … it’s best to do exactly that.

There’s this verse in Exodus 14: 14 that says:

‘The LORD God himself will fight for you; you need only to be still.’

Final thoughts

When you’re battling against difficult circumstances, it can be tempting to keep pushing, and struggling, and trying to fight your way out …

But maybe sometimes God is actually asking us to just be still in the waiting for a while, and to trust Him to be the One who fights for us instead?

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