My fave reads in 2018…

One of the most unexpected joys I found in 2018 was rediscovering my love for reading books. So here’s my list of top reads from 2018, along with some of the best book deals I can find online in case you want to give them a try too …

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine – Gail Honeyman 

I’m not a massive fiction reader the truth be too, but what an unexpected surprise this book was. I would definitely recommend it. Just heard it’s being turned into a film too!

5/5 Find out more

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert 

What can I say? I love anything that EG writes, even though she is probably still best known for Eat Pray Love. This one inspires taking risks with creativity, and encouraged me to trust that a spark of inspiration can come from anywhere.

4/5 Find out more here

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

I know I’m very late to this party but I finally read this book after watching (and loving!) the TV adaptation of MA’s 1985 chilling, dystopian tale. Loved loved loved it!

5/5 Find out more here

Becoming – Michelle Obama 

I’m a total sucker for a good political memoir, so this was a fascinating read for me. MO writes so well too. And I respect her even more than I did before, after reading this. 2022?? #justsaying

5/5 Find out more here

My thoughts exactly – Lily Allen

A huge contrast to my last selection, but an equally compelling read. This book is an honest, gritty, funny and sad, insight into the life of a young female pop icon, as well as an interesting commentary on the culture of celeb.

4/5 Find out more here

Dare to Lead – Brene Brown

Ever since I first saw BB’s famous TedTalk on vulnerability and shame, I just want to devour everything she writes. I want to somehow absorb her wisdom and insight via osmosis from these very pages. A challenging but inspiring read (in a good way).

5/5 Find out more here

A Simplified Life – Emily Ley

A beautifully presented and easy to read, non-judgy self-help book on how to overcome an over-busy, over-cluttered, over-stressful life. Gave me lots of food for thought and plenty of practical advice too.

4/5 Find out more here

Confessions of a learner parent – Sam Avery

A hilarious read for any parent in the trenches of the baby/toddler stage. Refreshingly written from a daddy blogger’s point of view in what is an over-saturated writing female space too. What’s more, Sam is a fellow Liverpool dweller (hurrah!) & I was lucky enough to see his live stand up tour a couple of months ago too.

4/5 Find out more here

How to break up with your phone – Catherine Price

What can I say? This is the book that everyone should read, but will probably avoid. Challenging, insightful & packed with helpful advice for ensuring your phone doesn’t control your life.

5/5 Find out more here

Out of Sorts: Sarah Bessey

I only discovered this incredible Canadian author/blogger earlier this year, and have since become a huge fan. And this is by far my favourite faith based read of 2018. Perceptive, wise, well-written, and some great food for thought for anyone who has been around Christianity for a while & struggled with some it.

5/5 Find out more here

Inspired – Rachel Held Evans

This book is described as one woman’s journey towards loving the Bible again, and I can see why. This is a very accessible theological conversation unpacking the Bible and getting at the root of some thorny issues. 

5/5 Find out more here

What is the Bible? – Rob Bell

Rob Bell May have become a polarising figure in some evangelical communities, but personally I find his work refreshing and insightful. And this was no exception. A useful unpackaging of what the Bible we all read actually is, and a simple intro to theology for the non-theologian like me!

4/5 Find out more here

So that’s my best reads from 2018, but I’d love to hear any other recommendations you might have too…

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